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Hello, I'm Tiffany

I went through a journey of not truly knowing where I belonged and avoiding my true journey for as long as I possibly could. It wasn't something I thought I could even do. I was afraid of being open and honest with the things that I am good at and Imposter Syndrome was written all over me. I was hiding from the world. Knowing that I had a story to tell and a message to share with the world.

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Hi Love! I'm Tiffany, an average girl who felt lost and alone on her journey to changing her life. So now I support other newbies simplify their journey. We all know that it isn't an easy path but with the right community we can all thrive

why am I here?

Because it's easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and alone.

But you don't have to. Let me be there for you.

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Go from Fearful to Fearless

Let me share with you how I conquered imposter syndrome to be fearless!

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